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Craters & Freighters has extensive expertise in the packaging, crating, and shipping of technology equipment, sensitive electronics, laboratory testing, and IT equipment. In particular, we have specialized skills in handling server racks. Some of the most successful technology companies in the world trust Craters & Freighters to pick up, pack, crate, ship, and deliver their largest, heaviest, most secure, fragile, and high-value assets.

Protect Your High-Value Equipment

Special care must be taken when packaging technology equipment such as server racks, computers, and telecom devices. Items such as these are susceptible to damage during shipping because of their fragile components.

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Tailored Packaging Solutions

We carefully analyze each item’s characteristics to determine the best way to pack it. We then use the latest packaging technologies including anti-static wraps, cushioning, and foams to prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging the items. Vapor barrier bagging is used when preparing technology equipment for international ocean shipping to prevent moisture from harming the equipment.

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Typically, if a customer elects to purchase our insurance coverage and a value is declared, Craters & Freighters will insure the item from the time of pickup, during the packing and crating process, and through to delivery.

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With over 65 brick-and-mortar locations across the country leveraging the best technology to provide worldwide support and logistics, Craters & Freighters has become a national powerhouse with local accountability.

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